Rhino Shield makes Corning Gorilla glass up to five times stronger


Corning Gorilla Glass does a good job of keeping smartphones relatively safe from bumps and scratches typical, but since it is very common to hear about cracked screens, obviously there is much room for improvement. Hoping to provide an advance, two students from the University of Cambridge entrepreneurs have a new product that supposedly increases the impact resistance of Gorilla Glass for a maximum of five times. Call Rhino Shield, the new screen saver installed on the top of the screen of your smartphone and its special blend of patent-pending polymers gives your device extra protection from bumps, scratches and fingerprints. Although there are many screensavers all, the developers say Rhino Shield is unique because it has spread and impact cushioning layers that help diffuse blows against a device. In the video demonstration of the device (embedded below), Rhino Shield is shown save the iPhone direct blows with a hammer and other tools, which stops the device which would be a fatal fall on concrete, and shrugs the impact of a metal ball bearing 255g falling from 48 cm, while the Gorilla Glass 2 headset equipped unprotected broken after being beaten by the ball bearing of the same only 9 cm. As additional layers have not found in other similar products, Shield Rhino is a little thicker than half screen saver versus about 0.015cm to 0.020cm 0.028cm. That extra ~ 0.010cm probably worthwhile and developers (who call themselves “Evolutionary Labs”) say Rhino Shield is only three times thicker than a sheet of paper and remains very clear, although we have not seen any specifics about clarity. As with many startups lately, Evolutionary Labs has become Kickstarter for funding. So far, 256 supporters have pledged a total of £ 4,074 and the team needs another £ 45,926 in the next 27 days to meet its target of £ 50,000. Evolutionary Labs says it is ready for mass production and funding, should be able to send Rhino Shield in April. There are different levels of donation with shields many smartphones and tablets great.

(credit: TechSpot)