G-Form flips iPhone filming on its side

We have seen a lot of cases that become different smartphones cams real action. Because the lens tends to be a phone in the back, most cases involve the assembly of the wide forward during filming smartphone – is not the way to do things aerodynamics.


G-Form, maker of instant protection harden the material, has presented what he calls a case camming smartphone without compromise. The G90 uses a patent pending multi right-angle/wide-angle lens that allows the film to the thin profile forward. This transforms the smartphone camera wide, cumbersome simply asking a rope snagged on a branch or in a thin, streamlined camera that fits perfectly on the side of the hull, below a skateboard, etc. The G90 also includes protection Shock and water.

The G90 will be available for smartphones like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and others starting in June.