Second passcode bypass flaw discovered in iOS 6.1 this month

Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 a week ago to address, among other things, a failure that allowed bypass the lock screen of the iPhone and password select data on the device. But to the dismay of Apple, plus a password bypass vulnerability was discovered that once again lets users know that accessing a locked device without knowing the four-digit PIN.


The second vulnerability surfaced this month is similar to the first, which involved the use of the function of the phone screen, emergency call feature and the power button to bypass the lock screen. From there, however, accounts vary as to the level of access that you may have.

The original note on the Full Disclosure blog says that this new method allows an attacker to gain access to the phone book and voice mail contact list. Connect the device to a computer via a USB cable and you can still access other data such as photos allegedly without the password. The latter, however, can be only partially true.

According to TNW, the system user files are encrypted and unviewable on a computer when the iPhone has a passcode enabled. The problem here is that if the iPhone was connected to a computer and once unlocked, then your file system will always be visible on the machine. If your phone has never been connected to a particular computer and unlocked, this court will not grant any access magician.

In related news iOS, Apple is testing the latest beta version of software that prevents the use of evasi0n popular jailbreak software. One of the creators evasi0n was recently able to test and confirmed the update patch, tell us. It is unclear at this time when we can expect to see the iOS 6.1.3 which fixes or specific to accomplish.

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Firefox 22 will block third-party cookies by default

Mozilla will soon be taking a page from Apple’s book and implementing a feature in Firefox 22 that will allow the browser to block advertising cookies from third-parties by default. If you aren’t already aware, Cupertino’s Safari browser has shipped with this feature for some time now. The same technique is already possible with the current version of Firefox but users have to enable it manually in the Options menu.

firefox22-with_auto-block third-party ad cookies

Jonathan Mayer, the Stanford graduate that’s responsible for the new functionality, says the collateral impact should be limited due to the fact that Safari’s desktop and iOS browser has implemented a similar cookie policy for more than 10 years now. He said that a few websites may require a small code change to accommodate Firefox in the same way they do with Safari.

As you can imagine, advertising executives aren’t exactly thrilled about the news. Mike Zaneis, senior vice president and general counsel for the Interactive Advertising Bureau, published a response on Twitter saying the default setting would be a nuclear first strike against the ad industry.

It’s unclear at this point when exactly we can expect to see the feature arrive as a final release but given some basic math, we can narrow it down somewhat accurately. The current version of Firefox for desktops is 19 and we are told cookie blocking will first arrive in version 22.

What’s more, the update will spend roughly six weeks in pre-alpha, alpha and beta before it’s ready for the big show. Based on this information, we probably shouldn’t expect to see Firefox 22 for another 4-5 months at the earliest.

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Apple's iOS 6.1.3 update set to kill evasi0n untethered jailbreak

The iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 upgrade evasi0n not work with Apple, according to one of the developers behind the untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and the new iOS devices.

Last beta of Apple, the company started pushing iOS developers last week, one of the five patches errors evasi0n jailbreak exploits, evasi0n creator David Wang told Forbes.
“If a vulnerability is not working, evasi0n not work,” said Wang
“We could replace that part with a different vulnerability, but [Apple] probably solve most if not all the mistakes that we used when 6.1.3 comes out.”
Apple Bane in the untethered jailbreak three weeks old, does not mean that this is the end of the Cydia jailbreak store or custom software on iOS devices.

Wang told Forbes that his team “evad3rs” found other errors in the iOS platform, in addition to the aforementioned five exploits, and could build a brand new jailbreak based on them.
Yes, change Apple looks set to be the last update in the ongoing game of cat and mouse between the Cupertino company and the jailbreak community.
As the first untethered jailbreak iOS 6, was downloaded 270,000 times evasi0n as soon as it was launched. He continued to break records with nearly 7 million downloads in the next four days.
As avid users of Cydia is to avoid updating the iOS 6.1.3 patch may be essential for other security-oriented iPhone and iPad users.
Besides patching one of five exploits used by jailbreak untethered evasi0n, the iOS 6.1.3 update is set to fix the bug lockscreen persistent.
Although Apple knew about this bug lockscreen before released iOS 6.1.2 update, users can bypass the lockscreen not so sure, not going to the “need” four-digit password.
Again, the benefits of a jailbroken iOS device comes with giving up a little security.

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Apple said nix applications that using "cookie tracking"

Apple may be on its way to control over how advertisers get information from mobile users.
According to TechCrunch, unnamed industry sources say Apple app review team is denying applications that use “tracking cookie”. This could be a sign that the company will fully into its own technology Advertisement ID.

In theory, the work of tracking cookies in mobile form is similar to the desktop: a cookie saves data and information on the history of user navigation that can be used later by the application or Web site. According to TechCrunch, which was presented as an alternative to unique device identifier (UDID) monitoring, which collected more user data than most people were at home.
Despite tracking cookies could quell most fears of privacy, Apple introduced its technology still advertising Identifier iOS debut Sept. 6. According to Apple, “About” page on the technology, is a “non-permanent, non-personal identifier device that ad networks will use to give you more control over the ability of advertisers to use tracking methods.”
Along with the ID of Advertising, the company also launched a “Limit Ad Tracking” tool. This tool, which is in the general settings menu iOS 6, allows users to avoid hitting advertisers with targeted ads.
With Apple supposedly reject applications that use tracking cookies, the iOS application developers likely have to redesign their applications to be compatible with Apple ID and also advertise all the technology out by tracking cookie .

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Clear & manage recent locations in OS X

To save items to a folder in the Finder, OS X save this location a “Recent Places” list that is available the next time you save another document. This gives you quick access to the folders that are currently used for your workflow, so you can better manage their projects without having to manually configure temporary folders favorites or collect all your documents in a generic and Desktop.

The list of recent items are displayed most recently last five folders. Although it has its conveniences may be times when you would like to delete these, especially if you want to keep a special folder to be available in all dialogs Save or simply want to delete from the list. Unfortunately, the only way to do this through OS X interface elements is saved in at least five new locations, forcing the person to be removed from the list.
If this is not the preferred approach to take, then use the following Terminal command to remove posts filed last places in your account:

defaults delete -g NSNavRecentPlaces

With this command run, the drop-down menu in the save dialogs will empty and then begin to fill with new folders and save files in them.


(Credit: Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET)


In addition to clearing the Recent Places list, you can set the number of recent items that the system stores here. By default, the number of elements is five, but can be adjusted to a value of their satisfaction with the following command:

defaults write -g NSNavRecentPlacesLimit -int NUM

Set the value of NUM in this command to zero disables the list of recent locations. To disable this limitation can run and use a value of 5, or you can run the following command to remove these custom settings at all:

defaults delete -g NSNavRecentPlacesLimit

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Android wins U.S. smartphone lead back from iOS, says report


Android has pulled ahead of Apple’s iOS in smartphone sales in the U.S., according to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech out today.

During the three months ending in January, Android gained 49.9 percent of all smartphone sales in the U.S., an increase of 6.4 percent over the same period last year. During the same time, iOS came in second with 45.9 percent cut of smartphone sales, down 4.7 percent from a year ago.
Microsoft Windows Phone earned his own slice of growth, taking home 3.2 percent of smartphone sales in the United States.

The latest results mark a return to Android. During the three months ended in December, the iPhone won 51.2 percent of all smartphone sales in the United States, leaving Android with 44.8 percent and Windows Phone with 2.6 percent, Kantar said the month past.
Android phone manufacturers can thank Sprint for much of its profits on sales, according to Kantar.
For the three months ending October 2012, sales of smartphones through Sprint were divided almost equally between Android and iOS. But for the last three months mobile, Android’s share of sales increased to Sprint 71.9 percent from 49.3 percent previously.
Sprint customers are also paying less money for your Android phone.
“The 50/50 was seen in the period ending in October 2012 was a result of both iOS and Android share the same level of average price paid (iOS and Android at $ 130 to $ 127),” Kantar analyst Mary-Ann Parlato, said in a statement. “However, this latter period there was a significant drop in prices to $ 95 for Android, iOS, while it increased slightly to $ 146.”
Samsung Galaxy S3 shown great seller, thanks in part to a more tempting price. In the period from October, the S3 took only 14 percent of all smartphone sales through Sprint. But after a subsequent price drop to $ 99 from $ 199, the S3 went on to win the 39 percent of all sales of Sprint smartphones.
Overall, Samsung accounted for 60.3 percent of all smartphones sold by Sprint in January period. And that number could rise in the spring. Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S4 in a special launch event on March 14.
Kantar statistics come from its U.S. consumer panel, which interviewed more than 240,000 people each year on purchases of mobile phones, use and bills.

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Completely redesigned iPad 5 due in September?


While the mini iPad may be the flavor of the month in the world of Apple tablet, the company has a new 9 inch iPad 5 in the cards for a September launch.
That is if you believe TrendForce, recognizing that you have inside information on the new iPad 5 including the fact that its design will be completely overhauled.
Analysts say the new iPad will use the same touch technology as the iPad mini, while the bezel put to better use to slim down the tablet. Not the first time we’ve heard that suggestion – another analyst has that rumor there almost as soon as the iPad launched in April. In an oddly worded addendum, the research firm added that “the long-beloved iPad 2” will “retire with honor” as the new iPad 5 hits the shelves, as iPads are ancient emperors living his last days in temples zen wisdom only grant it.
That flowery language is one thing that makes this season speculation with a pinch of salt, and the fact that the researchers did not say how or where they came by their information accurately. But the assumptions do not seem too extravagant. A new 9-inch iPad in September makes sense since the iPad 4 was presented at the same time last year, and an updated design seems inevitable.