Sony releases experimental Firefox OS ROM for Xperia E smartphone

Sony was one of the first major companies to announce their support for new operating system from Mozilla Firefox only a couple of days ago, but we had no idea that it had something in the works. Today the Japanese company launched an experimental Firefox OS ROM for developers to use on your smartphone ultra-low-end E Xperia.

The announcement shows that Sony is serious about operating system support and web-based will give developers a head start in working with Mozilla. Of course, Sony expects something in return – valuable community feedback.
A post on Sony developer blog gives readers an introduction to Firefox OS and highlights the architecture behind the new mobile platform. There are steps to help users in the process of flashing Firefox OS for their devices and Xperia. As always, you should understand that unlocking the bootloader may void the warranty of the device.

Once installed, you’ll probably want to spend more time reading the post as Sony outlines some key steps and links to many resources to help you get started. Your second stop would probably be the Mozilla Developer Network, as they have a wide range of documentation on how to write an application and details about emulators, privileged access model and debug statements.

It is worth noting that while the ROM is designed for developers, anyone with a smartphone Xperia E can download and take the plunge. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

credit TechSpot


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