Windows 8 $15 upgrade registration ends Thursday

Registration for the Windows 8 $15 upgrade offer expires this Thursday.

Those of you who just bought a PC with Windows 7 Windows 8 can score for just $ 15, but you will have to register by the end of Thursday.

To encourage interest in its latest operating system, Microsoft cooked a couple of deals last year’s update.
The first allows any user of Windows 7, Vista, XP or upgrade to Windows 8 for $ 40. The agreement ended January 31.

The second allows people who bought a PC with Windows 7 between June 2 last year and January 31 this year that Windows 8 Pro for just $ 15. Despite having expired last month, you can still register for it, but you will have to act in this Thursday, Feb. 28.

The registration process asks for your contact information, as well as the make and model of your computer with Windows 7, the retailer, and the date of purchase. The process can also request your license key Windows 7.

Assuming your PC is fine, then you receive an email with a promo code and a link to the update of Windows 8. The download link Windows 8 Update Wizard, which runs on your PC with Windows 7 to pay for the product and install the software.
A FAQ provides more details about the upgrade offer to Windows 8. People bump into problems with the process you can contact Microsoft Customer Support via the update page offer support.

What if you want to take advantage of the offer of $ 15, but do not want to upgrade to Windows 8 at this time?
You can download the update and simply store the installation files on a USB stick or burn them to a DVD from an ISO file. You can then install the update at any time and on any PC you want. One of my previous articles explained the process for creating installation media of Windows 8.

When exactly does the registration expires? A Microsoft representative told  that the Web site registration and redemption coupon code will continue to work until 28 February worldwide. That gives people until midnight on Friday to complete the process.

After cutting, Windows 8 jumps in the prices of virtually everyone – $ 120 for the regular edition and $ 200 for the Pro version Only students will still be able to score a discount.
So even if you are on the fence about the new operating system, those of you who qualify for the $ 15 offer may want to enroll in it, while there is still time.


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