Snapdragon 800 devices to feature Quick Charge 2.0, Voice Activation

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor details his next 800 at CES last month, but apparently I left a couple of key features in secret. Now, with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, the company is willing to share a little more with a blog post announcing 2.0 load faster and voice activation.

The first of these features is the natural evolution of the fast charge current 1.0 Qualcomm technology available on Snapdragon devices like the Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, and 920 Lumia. In short, the version 2.0 is said to load devices 75% faster than those without the technology, an improvement over the 40% figure announced by Qualcomm for quick load 1.0. The technology requires a charger optimized and baked at 800 Snapdragon, but is not exclusive of hardware-based Qualcomm. 2.0 Fast charging will be offered as a separate circuit for other companies to use and could charge even more demanding laptops up to 60W of power.

To put things in perspective Qualcomm says its own laboratory tests showing tablets usually have more than 7 hours to charge were able to reach full charge in less than 3 hours with 2.0 fast charge.

In addition, the company announced that devices using Snapdragon processor 800 will always be in a low-power voice activation feature that allows users to wake up your phone with a personalized voice command. The feature is said to be adapted to the voice of each device owner and works even in standby mode or plane. Once the device is “awakened” function will activate your phone’s voice assistant for hands-free control.

Qualcomm says that there are currently more than 55,800 development Snapdragon-based devices, with hardware expected to land sometime in the second half of 2013 or early 2014.

credit TechSpot


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