LG to power smart TVs by WebOS (LG buys webOS code and patents from HP)

Despite its turbulent history, and finally got in therapy as an open source project under a wholly owned subsidiary of HP called Gram, it seems that WebOS will get a new lease of life – not only as a platform for smartphone. Today, LG announced it is buying all patents and source code of HP, and plans to use the once promising operating system for its line of Smart TVs.


Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is probably safe to estimate the final number was significantly lower than the HP paid $ 1.2 billion in July 2010. At that time, WebOS still showed great promise despite initial Palm hardware below expectations. But in a span of just 18 months in office HP jerked few-ups, and was ultimately bets big on mobile devices under the Lead Mark Hurd essentially kill the division under Leo Apotheker and almost leave the market consumer PCs.

LG says it has no plans to use WebOS to power a wide range of smartphones or tablets. Like many others in the business, the company remains committed to the Android ecosystem, but with Samsung curves of all profits and market share does not hurt to have a platform independent mobile as backup.

Engineers who are on the team will move to WebOS LG laboratories in California. It is unclear when we will see the company show their plans for the platform on smart TVs or what will happen to webOS Open.


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