Inventor gets off the ground with homemade jetpack

It may seem like a recipe for disaster, or at least a trip to the hospital, but a German inventor is trying to take flight with a jetpack that is designed to run along a runway before flying.
Inspired by daredevil Felix Baumgartner, Fritz Unger wants to fly like a bird by strapping wings and two jet engines on his back.
That has not happened yet, but his jetpack Skyflash him off the ground for a moment as he rolled along at 34 mph.

Face down, Unger is on all four wheels strapped to his body while he pushes horizontally jetpack, as seen in the vid below Daily Planet, and one of this. He also used it to travel over the snow on a sled.
The wings are made of wood and weighing 9 pounds each, with full kit weighs about 55 pounds. The outer parts of the wing can bend and create lift.
If the jetpack 160-horsepower puts off the ground, Unger says it could fly at about 110 mph. Control is maintained, hopefully, through an iPhone mounted on the pilot’s arm, and an RC pistol grip in his hand.
Landing? Well, that’s where really going to need a helmet.
“The team that you can see in our photos is permanently connected,” Unger wrote Skyflash Facebook page. “You land the way it was.’ll Use a more optimized gear later, but for now you can see is the best solution for what we do.”
Unger Hopefully no harm in their quest for flight. At least he has an emergency parachute.


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