Adobe squeezes Photoshop down to phone size

Adobe offers your photo editing program by another flagship touchscreen size with Photoshop for your phone, now for Android and iOS.

(Credit: Adobe)

He has led the company much more than I had expected, but Adobe has finally released a version of its tablet based on Photoshop Touch for smaller screens, even Photoshop Touch phone. The most surprising aspect is that it is a software feature identical version of the tablet, I’m not sure we need a full editor anything, even the size of a Galaxy S3. But if you have a yen to composite up to 16 layers (or 3 layers in the maximum file size of 12 megapixels), you can do so at any Android (4.0 or later) or iOS (iPhone 4S/iPod Touch 5th generation or later ) device. As of now, the company has no plans to support Windows Phone.

The major differences between the tablet and phone versions are in the user interface – the tutorials are less interactive, more of a start guides, and application screens are arranged slightly differently to accommodate more devices narrow.

Even if you have purchased the tablet version $ 9.99 or are spending a Creative Cloud subscription, you will pay another $ 4.99 for the phone version. I’m not sure why there is such big price difference as it is, without doubt, a very similar code. (So ​​one of them is very expensive and the other is very underrated.) You have to enroll in free 2GB Creative Cloud.

While my hands on software testing will have to wait until you can download later today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone), I realized that still seems to have the same source selection horrible as his older brother.

It should be available in the relevant application stores the time you read this in English, French, German and Japanese.


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