Samsung Knox gives users the power of personal and business interfaces on one phone

BARCELONA, Spain–I use my phone for games, personal email, social networks, texting, playing music, watching video, and the occasional phone call. It’s also my main conduit for accessin work email while travelling and and I’ve even used it to post content to CNET. Depending on whom you work for however, you may not have this luxury. One solution is to provide your employees with a work-only phone. Another would embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and allow your employees to use their own devices for work, while at the same time insuring the integrity of sensitive business information. Samsung has chosen the latter.The company’s Knox app works in tandem with an IT administrator tool to give users seemless access to both personal and business content on one phone.

Once the appropriate software is installed, users will have access to two modes: personal and business. From the personal mode you’ll use your phone normally, but when it’s time to work you can immediately switch over to a password-protected business mode that can restrict access to social networks and personal email.

At Samsung’s demo station at Mobile World Congress, I found switching between each mode was as seamless as touted, but it seems there may have been some security bugs not yet hammered out.

Each time I switched back to personal mode, I could go right back into work mode with no password prompt. It was only after I waited for about a minute, that it would again prompt me for credentials.

Thanks to a partnership with Airwatch, IT admins can customize Knox’s work mode as they see fit; blacklisting sites like Facebook, Twitter and pretty much anything.

This is a great solution for those who’d prefer using only one phone for both business and personal duties, but don’t want to fret about the inherent risk at mixing the two. Samsung Knox is available now for Samsung phones.


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