Apple said nix applications that using "cookie tracking"

Apple may be on its way to control over how advertisers get information from mobile users.
According to TechCrunch, unnamed industry sources say Apple app review team is denying applications that use “tracking cookie”. This could be a sign that the company will fully into its own technology Advertisement ID.

In theory, the work of tracking cookies in mobile form is similar to the desktop: a cookie saves data and information on the history of user navigation that can be used later by the application or Web site. According to TechCrunch, which was presented as an alternative to unique device identifier (UDID) monitoring, which collected more user data than most people were at home.
Despite tracking cookies could quell most fears of privacy, Apple introduced its technology still advertising Identifier iOS debut Sept. 6. According to Apple, “About” page on the technology, is a “non-permanent, non-personal identifier device that ad networks will use to give you more control over the ability of advertisers to use tracking methods.”
Along with the ID of Advertising, the company also launched a “Limit Ad Tracking” tool. This tool, which is in the general settings menu iOS 6, allows users to avoid hitting advertisers with targeted ads.
With Apple supposedly reject applications that use tracking cookies, the iOS application developers likely have to redesign their applications to be compatible with Apple ID and also advertise all the technology out by tracking cookie .

(credit CNET)


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