Nokia Lumia 620 Review


The Nokia 620 Lumia is an important device for Nokia. It may not be a flagship device, but it has another meaning – is an affordable entry-level device, a type of device that Nokia was for long the main source of income, and a device type mass that people have associated with the brand.

The Lumia 620 is a Windows Phone 8 smartphone for the masses, yet they offer additional value in many different aspects and design. This time again, Nokia is focusing on how the feature vibrant colors and outstanding trust their own applications for Windows Phone, as Nokia Maps and free shipping Nokia Music to Drive and differentiate.



But will that be enough to finally get consumers “interested in Windows Phone, and if it does, it may be your ground in your own backyard with Windows phones, where HTC has conveniently solved with similar 8S? Read more for discover.

As has become common with recent Nokias, places bets Lumia 620 in colors of your project. Coming with a selection of easily interchangeable matte and gloss shells, the device can turn lime green to orange, yellow, magenta, cyan, white and black. The colors are all bold and bright, and Nokia technology is using a “double shot” application of a new layer of basic color as the base and a layer of a different color on top (e.g., yellow and cyan based upon combining general lime green) to achieve these complexions vibrant colors.

While the housing which engulfs the entire device is made ​​of plastic, which like the soft-touch sensation such as plastic. You never confuse the phone for a premium device, but it does not feel cheap.


Overall, the device is fun and colorful, usually something that speaks well for the younger crowd. Friends have rounded edges, and while he is a bit chubby, with his body 0.43 inches (11mm) thick, it is compact enough to not feel too bulky. Weight 4.48 oz comes with reasonable (127g).

All physical buttons on the device is on your right – the volume rocker on top, the lock key in the middle and the camera shutter button on the bottom. This is a very convenient setting for one hand operation that does not force you to do gymnastics hand unnecessary to reach the keys.


The Lumia 620 features a 3.8-inch ClearBlack LCD display with a WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixel). Read 3.8 inch small compared with most 4.7 and 5 inch displays on high-end devices, but the smaller size means you can easily use the phone alone, a luxury these phones can not pay more.

Comes in pixel density 246ppi, which in simple terms means you get plenty of details and you will not see the jagged pixels on the screen. Not only is the level of detail, however. The ClearBlack technology delivers deep blacks and colors well saturated, and viewing angles of the screen is a pleasure to view. The only slight niggle is the reflections that appear in direct sunlight and make it a little difficult to use the device on a sunny day.


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