Facebook for iOS gets free calls in the US and Canada

As we all know by now, your application uses Facebook Messenger as a sort of beta test for the new features. The new features that arise in the first application, and if all goes well, he hits the big leagues in the main application of Facebook. About a month ago, Facebook Messenger updated with free voice calls between users, and now that has become characteristic of the call to the series, but for starters, only works among users in the U.S. and Canada.


At first, the function was only available for iOS users in Canada through the Messenger application, but now anyone in iOS in the U.S. and Canada can call each other for free. Call can be done via Wi-Fi or cellular, but it seems that only works on the iPhone, not the iPad. Function is expected to be extended to more countries over time.

It’s a nice feature, but it’s annoying that after pushing to the native Android Facebook application, the company seems to be ignoring Android again. Voice calls have not yet reached the Messenger app in Android, but has made ​​the rounds on iOS and is on the main Facebook application. It’s a shame that Facebook made ​​it seem that the company is dedicated to Android just to relocate all its resources on iOS first.

If you want to get the Facebook app for iOS, just jump to the iTunes App Store.


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