10 Most Innovative Tech Designs In History

Besides good functionality, design is an added advantage. Tech companies have promoted themselves with their new and improved innovations and designs of products. Apple’s iMac was a great resurgence to the company and its iPad 2 gave a greater comeback with a sleek look and presentation which is now followed in all its latest versions.

Let us take a look at the 10 most favourite and innovatively designed tech products that marked a milestone for companies , as compiled by BusinessInsider.

# 10 Kindle Touch

Sleek look, light and handy

With the kindle touch, Amazon stopped e-readers from their keyboard experience, making it easier and creating a sleeker look and feel to the device. Now, Kindle Touch 3G comes with a 7.5 –inch tall display and serves to be light and handy making you feel like you’re holding a light notebook rather than heavy books. The screen has been designed to avoid glare so that you can read well without worrying about lighting. The kindle has a keyboard near the bottom of the device making it easy for readers to search for titles or authors.


# 9 iPhone 4

Metal and Glass built Smartphone

iPhones made a big leap into the market with iPhone 4. At that time it was gorgeous and thinner than any other Smartphone available. It also held the advantage of its metal and glass built structure. No cheap plastic was used and Apple seems to like the design so much that it has not changed since the time it was introduced in 2010.

# 8 Blackberrys

A perfect belend of functionality and design

Blackberry devices may be outdated today but when they were first introduced, they were a perfect mixture of functionality and design. The first keyboard equipped Blackberrys helped users type emails at an easy go. They also added to a formal look and feel, making it modernized, corporate and friendly in design.


# 7 The Nest Learning Themostat

Made saving energy

The Nest Learning Thermostat was created by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers – ex employees of Apple. The Thermostat is a tiny internet-connected computer housed in a sleek minimalist design that learns your heating and cooling preferences and automatically adjusts itself to save most of the energy. When everyone is away from the house, the thermostat goes into an energy sipping ‘Away’ mode. This product was suitable for those who looked at making an energy efficient living at home.

# 6 Sony PlayStation 3

Slim swanky design

Sony’s PlayStation 3 had gone through few changes over the years. Now that its internal volume and weight has been reduced to more than half of the first PlayStation 3 making it slimmer with a swanky design and shape, the PlayStation 3 is the company’s most favourite one at the moment.


# 5 Google Nexus

Slim with visible dots on the rear panel

Google’s latest Smartphone has also made the company proud by being known as the company’s best looking model till date. The Nexus Smartphone is slim with flat front and rear and edge-to-edge glass. The back is slightly smaller than the front and the two glass panels are joined by a narrow rubberized-plastic bezel. It feels very solid and the bezel offers the glass a bit of protection at the edges. The rear panel has visible dot patterns when viewed straight on. It also looks less tacky than it sounds.


# 4 Apple iPad 2

Thinner, lighter and comfortable than the original one

A year after its introduction, Apple completely redesigned its iPad. The iPad 2 was a lot thinner than the original one. Apple succeeded to cut down on the new iPad thickness, making it 33 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than the original one. Its new design was even compared to iPod touch meaning it was much easy and comfortable to use the iPad 2 than its predecessor. The iPad 2 also has a smart cover that comes in a rainbow of colours to choose from.


# 3 Sega’s Dreamcast Video Controller

Microsoft has also borrowed this design

Sega had introduced a new radical controller design when it had released the Dreamcast video game console in 1999. It had a slot for memory card with a screen and was considered to be the best designed game controller ever. Even Microsoft borrowed the design for its first Xbox controller.

# 2 The First iMac

First product responsible for Apple’s resurgence

The first iMac was a revolution itself. It found its way into the customers hands in about three months and became the fastest selling Macintosh of its time. The iMac had a fresh design with a clear plastic casing It also came along boasting about the USB ports it had. It had a translucent enclosure that was available in Bondi Blue. People went nuts for it, making it the first product responsible for Apple’s resurgence.


#1 Jawbone Jambox

Most stylist Bluetooth enabled speaker

Jawbone Jambox is the most stylist speaker that has a convenient size and stunning design. It comes in four colors – black, red, blue and gray. The solid design has a nonslip rubber coating at the top and bottom.
With the help of these Bluetooth speakers, one can easily play music from their Smartphone or MP3 player. It is simple, elegant and is an incredibly popular product.


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