Zendesk hack snares user data from Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest

In a time when it seems that no company is immune to hackers, user information from three major social networking sites has been compromised due to a cut in another.

Zendesk Customer Service revealed today that it has been the victim of a violation of the security and the information from three of his clients had been downloaded. As first reported by cable, these three clients are Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Zendesk revealed the trick in a company blog, said that the vulnerability was identified and patched immediately.
Our ongoing research indicates that the hacker gained access to the support information that three of our customers in our store. We believe the hacker downloaded email addresses of users who contacted customer support three and support lines email subject. We notify our customers immediately affected and are working with them to help them in their response.

Zendesk Although not the identity of the customers by name, some users of social networking services started receiving warnings that may have been affected by the violation. Wired posted warnings sent by each company Zendesk identified as the point of the leak.

An email sent by an associate of Tumblr CNET said hackers may have had access to the subject lines and email addresses of messages sent to Tumblr support.

The subject lines of emails to Tumblr Support may have included the address of your blog that could potentially allow your blog to be unwillingly associated with your email address.

Any other information in the subject lines of the emails you have sent to the helpdesk may be exposed Tumblr. We recommend reviewing all correspondence addressed to support@tumblr.com, abuse@tumblr.com, dmca@tumblr.com, legal@tumblr.com, enquiries@tumblr.com or lawenforcement@tumblr.com.

Founded in 2007, the cloud-based customer service solutions provider announced last month that it had signed its 25,000 th customer.

The hacks come just days after Apple and Facebook revealed that computers of their respective employees were victims of unauthorized access.


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