Completely redesigned iPad 5 due in September?


While the mini iPad may be the flavor of the month in the world of Apple tablet, the company has a new 9 inch iPad 5 in the cards for a September launch.
That is if you believe TrendForce, recognizing that you have inside information on the new iPad 5 including the fact that its design will be completely overhauled.
Analysts say the new iPad will use the same touch technology as the iPad mini, while the bezel put to better use to slim down the tablet. Not the first time we’ve heard that suggestion – another analyst has that rumor there almost as soon as the iPad launched in April. In an oddly worded addendum, the research firm added that “the long-beloved iPad 2” will “retire with honor” as the new iPad 5 hits the shelves, as iPads are ancient emperors living his last days in temples zen wisdom only grant it.
That flowery language is one thing that makes this season speculation with a pinch of salt, and the fact that the researchers did not say how or where they came by their information accurately. But the assumptions do not seem too extravagant. A new 9-inch iPad in September makes sense since the iPad 4 was presented at the same time last year, and an updated design seems inevitable.


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