Videocon Announces SuperNet Data Plan: Enjoy 15GB Data By Paying Rs 251

Videocon Mobile Services has announced the launch of it’s new internet packs, dubbed SuperNet data plans. The company has claimed that these packs will offer upto 3 times more internet data than any other service provider.


Videocon Announces SuperNet Data Plan


Videocon will offer a total of 6 data packs under SuperNet data plans, including SuperNet 5, SuperNet 13, SuperNet 22, SuperNet 58, SuperNet 96 and SuperNet 251.

You might have already guessed the numbers are basically costs of these packs. Lets have a look at these packs.
The SuperNet 5 pack, priced at Rs. 5, offers 35 MB of data for a day,

The Supernet 13 pack, priced at Rs 13, offers 300 MB of 2G data for 3 days

The Supernet 22 pack, priced at Rs. 22, offers 500 MB of data for 5 days.

The Supernet 58 pack, priced at Rs. 58, offers 1 GB of data for 21 days.

The Supernet 96 pack, priced at Rs. 96, offers 3 GB of data for 28 days.

The Supernet 251 pack, priced at Rs. 251, offers 15 GB of data for 90 days.

Videocon data service is available on EDGE network which is said to be faster than GPRS but however, is slower than 3G. These offers are currently available in Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab. The offers may vary based on circles.


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