Sony plans second screen app for PlayStation 4

App for iOS and Android devices allow downloads of company and mobile shopping and the chance to see the action of other game players.

Sony revealed many details about its upcoming PlayStation 4 game console — except for its actual appearance.

(Credit: CNET)

One of the key features of its next console Sony PlayStation 4 games played so far has been its ability to stream games through a network of devices. As part of this effort, Sony is preparing a companion application called PlayStation application to the iOS and Android devices to become second screens for players.

Sony says that the application could allow players to download maps on your mobile device company while playing an adventure game on your console. Players can also use the application to remotely view other players play games and purchase games while on the road that are downloaded directly to the console.

During your event in New York today, Sony boasted that the PS4 will offer integration with third-party services, phones and tablets that allow players on mobile devices to watch videos of the game and challenge your friends in the game head -to-head.

No release date for the application, but it is clear that Sony is moving towards a matter PlayStation experience more social online. Sony bought Gaikai, a gaming company in the cloud, the last year for U.S. $ 380 million, apparently for the same goal.

Gaikai CEO Dave Perry said he wants players to play only the games they love, so in the PS Store, players can take free scan for any game instantly. Perry said the network really learn the behavior of players in order to give you a better experience.

“The PlayStation Network will come to know by understanding their preferences and the preferences of the community,” he said.


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