The PlayStation 4 is coming today


Unless you’ve been in the dark territory for many years past you will be well aware that today marks the release of the long awaited Sony PlayStation 4.
The event will start at 23:00 UK time, 18:00 New York, 15:00 on the west coast and tomorrow 10am (today? Is this how time zones work?) In Sydney time.
So what are we waiting for Sony and what you should be expecting from TechRadar? Well, obviously the PS4 launch so let’s find out what Sony has in store for the next generation of gaming. We’re pretty sure we know what the real characteristics of the unit are, although there is some confusion about the exact amount of GDDR5 memory and a little perplexed as to the weak-ass discussed AMD CPU. We are expecting a pleasant surprise or two in this area – but we’ll see. What I really want to know is: Is the offer 4K PS4 game? Will we have the whole body or motion control are still Blobby Move orbs as usual? What kind of interaction with the PlayStation Vita will? What launch titles and see just how nice it will be? Will the PS4 be compatible with PS3 titles? What secrets does the control panel DualShock 4 have in store? And how broad capabilities the media console to be? All will be revealed later, and TechRadar will be safe in the event of force to ensure that every detail of each function geek. And if you can not wait to read more, check out the PS4 destination to find everything we know so far.

via TechRadar


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