Southwest ups in-flight viewing with on-demand TV and movies


People who fly on Southwest Airlines can now watch movies on demand and TV on their tablets, smartphones and laptops through the ‘planes Wi-Fi. The airline announced today that it is increasing its in-flight entertainment to include new movie and TV packages. This feature is available on all aircraft equipped with Wi-Fi, which is about 75 percent of Southwest’s fleet. “Offering a wide and solid in flight connectivity system for our customers is the most important thing,” said executive vice president of Southwest Airlines’ business development Dave Ridley in a statement. Southwest now has eight channels of live TV, customers can listen directly on their devices. Starting today, the airline will also offer on-demand episodes of popular television series. The function of the letter is for a small fee, however. A movie costs $ 5 for each device and the TV package is $ 5 per day per device. Wi-Fi is only $ 8 per day per device. Southwest equipped their planes with Wi-Fi using satellite technology Row 44. Clients can connect to the service by clicking “southwestwifi” of Wi-Fi networks listed on their personal devices. From there, users can select Wi-Fi, movies or television. Several airlines have been expanding their Wi-Fi during the flight and entertainment options in the last couple of years. JetBlue announced last fall that it would launch free flight faster Wi-Fi in 2013 for an initial period of testing. And, in 2011, Virgin America strengthened its Wi-Fi service, offering the next generation ATG-4 service Gogo.

via CNET


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