Google debuts event page for Academy Awards ceremony


Google is rolling out the red carpet for the Academy Awards with a destination site that promises to help users “get more from the Oscar”. In collaboration with the organizers of the Oscars, the Internet giant has created a resource page to keep moviegoers informed and involved in the days leading up to the awards ceremony on Sunday. While Google has created specific events sites before, as your polling last year, this is the first time he has focused on the Oscars. In honor of his Oscars debut, Google is ensure you get the most from their products play a supporting role, including YouTube, Google Play, Graphic Knowledge Maps and Google Hangouts yet. In addition to the standard list of nominees for each category, the page includes projections in which the winner is based on the popularity of candidates search. A YouTube video takes users through a visual Rewind 2012 on the big screen (see below), while Google Play offers the opportunity to catch up with some of the movies and other media related, including information candidate application offering and movie trailers. Need information on how to dress for the red carpet, an Oscar ballot, or real-time mobile information at the awards? Google is committed to providing the best performance in those roles as well. However, some features did not seem ready for its close-up. A map that claims to possess information on birthplaces of film actors and filming locations does not seem to be working, while another map of the place of the ceremony was said to be “very soon”.


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