E-orders for 128GB Surface Pro to ship in 2 to 3 weeks -Microsoft

Microsoft provided another update at the end of this week regarding the availability of its sold-out 128GB version of the Surface Pro. A February 15 Surface Blog post said that those ordering through the Microsoft online store in the U.S. can place an order for the 128GB model and have it ship in two to three weeks. The new post also provided updated information for those wanting to “reserve” the Intel-based PC/tablet hybrid Surface Pro devices. Up until now, Microsoft officials have declined comment when asked whether users would be able to pre-order Surface Pros.35332494-1_610x435

“At Best Buy (U.S.): Inventory levels are rising and many stores have Best Buy Pro area units for sale in stores. If the store does not have stock, you can book an area Pro (64 GB and 128 GB). Note that Best Buy is only taking reservations in their stores for Surface Pro based on the new inventory that they know is coming next week, so it is possible that the reserves could become “sold”.In Staples (U.S.): Many stores have the Pro Staples surface units for sale in stores. If the store does not have stock, you can place an order in-store kiosk to buy Surface Pro 64GB for delivery.For Canada: Best Buy and Future Shop Pro can book the surface of 64 GB in stores now. Staples has online availability during the inventory and the inventory has been ordered to ensure the availability of stock in the near future. More details ahead of the availability of surface Pro 128GB in Canada.”

Apparently, Staples is making Pros 128GB surface available for purchase online and is not being stored in Staples brick and mortar outlets, as I noted earlier this week. Microsoft’s “work (ing) day and night to meet that demand with production and get a new inventory in retail,” says the message. Company officials advise customers interested in the professionals to call ahead before venturing out to the stores this weekend, despite the guidance earlier this week that more shops have stocks available from Saturday February 16.
It is still unclear why there is not enough market Pros surface. Is that Microsoft seriously underestimated the demand for 128 GB Pros surface – a problem for Softies happy? Or is that the supply chain problems led to a shortage of devices (a problem not-so-happy)? Devices Microsoft Surface Pro was released on February 9.

via CNET


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