Asus Launches RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 Router


ASUS has launched another wireless device that uses Wi-Fi. The device is called RT-N12HP Wireless-N300 router. The new device includes three devices function. This combination of features is something peculiar about the device and more of what is offered by a router. The device is able to behave as a range extender or access point when necessary. The device is equipped with two antennas that are removable and the two antennas are 9dBi capacity. These antennas can enter Wi-Fi standard with a range of 300%. The device is efficient enough to handle four networks simultaneously. Primary networks can handle, guests and parents at a time. The entire device is therefore a strong networking element. The device is easy to configure and ASUS is proud of its simple nature. The four networks SSID, Service Set Identifier (Wireless Computer) and antenna systems are what makes it stand alone in a crowd. The amplifier has an antenna that is built into the device and this serves as a reinforcing factor. The primary network in all its terms shall supremacy of network priority and bandwidth. We see that ASUS is very careful to make the device. The pricing details of the device is not disclosed yet. Much has been said about the device and it is only a matter of time before their performance can be evaluated. The new device is expected to be useful for home and office users, giving a wide coverage of the wireless network.


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