Apple promises another iOS 6.1solution for Microsoft exchange issue


Apple has acknowledged that a new iOS 6.1 Subject – a vulnerability that can be exploited to avoid locks access codes – exists and is working on a solution. “Apple takes security very seriously the user,” said an Apple spokesman in a statement to AllThingsD. “We are aware of this problem and provide a solution in a software update in the future.” Although quite complicated, the vulnerability allows access to contacts, voice messages and pictures on an iOS device without having to enter a passcode of four digits. Talk about rotten updates. Apple iOS 6.1 version update was not the company clearly proven free. One problem with iOS 6.1 required a hasty fix release 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S users earlier this week, and now Apple has updated their support website to recognize another problem that affects a wide range of Apple devices . The question produces error messages for users of devices running iOS 6.1 in attempting to access Microsoft Exchange servers to synchronize your contacts, email content or other. Apple support site currently says a fix is ​​in the works, but without a notice period. The problem occurs when an Apple device with iOS 0.1 update 6 attempts to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange. For some reason, the registry grows enormously and overloads iPhone or iPad on the Exchange server, causing various error messages and prevent the synchronization is complete. TechRadar asked Apple earlier this week to find out if the iOS 6.1.1 update, released exclusively for iPhone 4S users to fix a problem with the connection to the mobile device using 6.1, addressed this problem too. Apple did not respond, but if and when they realized the additional question feel iOS 6.1 was our civic duty. Website Apple support, and discovered by ZDNet on Thursday, promises that “Apple has identified a solution and make it available in an upcoming software update.” “Meanwhile,” the site suggests, “you can avoid this error by failing to respond to an exception to a recurring event on your iOS device.” This advice is very clear, but Microsoft made another suggestion on Tuesday, according to ZDNet: IT departments for companies whose servers are being flooded by Buggy iOS 6.1 for devices throttle or block users entirely until Apple comes out with a real solution.

via TechRadar


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