Apple lands $ 159M government contract for iPhone and iPad


BlackBerry devices have typically been the go-to phones to government accounts, but that seems to be changing. Apple is increasingly entering the game business lucrative.
Police in New Zealand today announced it has closed the deal for 6,000 police officers to get an iPhone and 3,900 officers also made ​​the iPad, according to The National Business Review. The contract is for 10 years and police expect to spend about $ 159 million in the initiative.
Apparently, the police in New Zealand chose Apple products via BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft, and after surveying its officials, who said that iPhones and iPads were most useful technological tools for their line of work. “The trial showed the most useful tools for officers were small personal devices (like a smartphone) to make phone calls or text messages, access e-mail and access to information and photo databases, and an upper extension as a laptop or tablet for staff need to do more data entry, “said the police chief of New Zealand Information Officer Stephen Crombie the National Business Review.
Apple also scored big this week when Home Depot announced plans to dispose of 10,000 BlackBerry devices and instead start delivering iPhones to their employees.
BlackBerry has had a difficult few months in terms of government contracts go. In October, the U.S. Defense Department withdrew its exclusive contract for BlackBerry and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also announced it was abandoning all BlackBerry devices and replacing it with the Apple iPhone.

credit CNET


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