Magellan cloud-connected Smart GPS


LAS VEGAS – The new Magellan GPS smart portable navigation device works with your smartphone, connecting to the cloud to get from point A to B, well, smarter.

The Smart GPS hardware is part of a three-pronged approach (hardware, smart phone applications, and cloud synchronization) to decentralize the way users navigate. The new device features a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen that behaves similar to a multitouch smartphone, responding to the movies, pinching, and hitting.

The most interesting and evident from the review of the Magellan software that powers the GPS Smart is the new bench seats up to eight customizable information that can be swiped out from the right edge of the device screen. These customizable squares show the location of sensitive information – such as nearby fuel prices, reviews Yelp, Foursquare tips, or traffic and security alerts – that updates on the fly in a manner reminiscent of Windows Phone Live feature Tile. The driver has control over what, if any, of these spaces are visible information while driving.
Data boxes that control these ecosystems information comes from cloud-based intelligent Magallanes, which is a web portal that is accessible Magellan through the personal computer and a Magellan GPS smart smartphone application. The Smart GPS hardware has Wi-Fi, you use to connect to your home network when the car is parked in the garage or anywhere else nearby open hot when in place to access and synchronize data needs. Fill in the blanks between access points Bluetooth connectivity is paired with your smartphone smarter with the Magellan GPS app. Magellan GPS tells us that Smart takes minimal data when connected to a smartphone, so users are limited data plans do not have to worry about blowing through the cap. One advantage that the Smart GPS hardware implementation retains over its counterpart – aside, of course, its most sensitive GPS antenna – is support for the Magellan Wireless reversing camera, which we found to be easy to install and a great improvement the safety of the vehicle when the review last year.

The Magellan GPS smartphone will sell for $ 249 when it hits stores in spring 2013. It’s a bit slippery hardware. New information interface and connectivity cloud places are fine, but I hope that a large part of the audience will be more interested in CNET upgrading is much less expensive than the Magellan RoadMate when it comes available in all the time that corresponds to characteristics.


One of the most important benefits in a navigation device connected to the cloud is that data, as favorites, can be perfectly synchronized between devices, for example, a user can browse and save to a destination with the Magellan Web site on a laptop and have it automatically fill the favorite destination for smart GPS “when the car arrives. If a friend texts that the leadership of a party, you can just let the GPS on the dashboard of Smart GPS App.

Undoubtedly, many users prefer to just use their phones to surf rather than bother with a second bit of hardware. For these drivers, Magellan will be updating the Magellan RoadMate navigation app for smartphones to add new information depending on seats and ecosystem benefits Smart. We were able to play with an early build of this application and while it looked great, it was too early to really road test.

credit CNET


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