Pebble won't say if Apple is iWatching it


The company behind Pebble Guard is playing well when it comes to talking about Apple are buying it as a shortcut to an iWatch.
Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky told CNBC that he could not comment on speculation that Apple has approached the company and further rumors swirling around Apple’s plans for an iWatch own.
“I can not comment on any of that, unfortunately,” he replied when asked about Migicovsky if Apple had approached the company. That tells us nothing in itself – after all, it is usual for companies to keep conversations confidential until the official announcement is made and what could not Apple, but another company has come calling.
But it would not surprise anyone to hear that the most important technology companies are sniffing Callao, whose elegant watch is the most funded Kickstarter project ever.
The emerging market smart watch could be blown wide open if Apple launches a smart watch, which seems increasingly likely, with the news that the company has 100 product designers working in a “clock-like device “.
But Pebble does not seem too worried, more intrigued.
“I think there are a lot of technological limitations at this time, putting the computational power and battery life specifically in a watch form factor,” he said.
“I would be interested to see if anyone has been able to crack that code.”

via TechRadar


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