Microsoft follows Apple's lead in producing hard-to-repair devices


Microsoft Surface Pro has been the removal treatment, and according to players with multiple iFixit screwdriver is so difficult to repair a MacBook Pro
The Surface Pro was awarded January 1, 10, 10 being the easiest to fix. Looks like Microsoft is following Apple’s example in the manufacture of mere mortals can not repair. Pro iFixit surface traps containing more than 90 screws, and the battery and the screen is held in place by adhesive large splodges feels like tar. To open, first, it is necessary to heat with a heat gun until the adhesive softens sufficiently.
Once inside, it is relatively simple candle. iFixit notes the battery is a doozy (“the Cadillac of batteries LG”), but even that can not keep the team going for more than five hours.
Even the opening of the tablet at all it is likely that shear view through one of the four wires surrounding the screen.
Microsoft Surface Pro was released this week, and quickly sold out. It will be available soon in the U.S. and Canada, although, according to Microsoft. Just make sure you take it to a specialist if needed basis.

via iFixit


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