HTC G2 could be next entry-level smartphone



Hot on the heels of the HTC M7/HTC A car comes word from HTC G2, which could be blower after the Taiwanese firm budget. The guys over at Phone Arena have sent a screenshot of what appears to overlap Sense 5.0 for Android running on HTC G2 320×480 display. As for styling Sense 5.0 seems to be very similar to the screenshots we’ve seen earlier in what is claimed is the HTC one, that adds a little more weight to this leak particular. The rumors suggest that HTC G2 will sport a 1GHz single-core processor, 3.5-inch screen and we waited a suitable entry level price tag too. HTC has lined up a special event on February 19 in which will present its next flagship smartphone, believed to be called HTC one, and there is a possibility that we may see the pop G2 there too. Otherwise the presence of HTC at MWC 2013 in Barcelona at the end of the month would give another suitable platform for the company to announce the low-end phone. We do not expect to continue with the name HTC G2, and has already been used for the G2 Touch – better known as the HTC Hero.


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