Don't forget the PlayBook! Tablet gets software bump, but it's not BB10


BlackBerry has released a new software update for its PlayBook tablet, but not get too excited, it is not yet the promised update BB10.
The much-maligned 7-inch tablet now has access to BlackBerry World renowned, the new name of the app store business, thanks to the software update, released today.
Along with the rebrand comes the ability PlayBook owners to make purchases in-app store.
There are also lots of minor fixes and improvements in the browser and audio performance, and the ability to use SMS across the bridge. Long-suffering PlayBook owners do not despair too much as BlackBerry is committed to upgrade the tablet with the new BB10 operating system, which will definitely give you a much needed new lease of life.
Rob Orr, vice president of product management BlackBerry said in January TechRadar: “At some point after launch will bring BB10 our playbooks, yes.”
Until then those souls persevering with the PlayBook will soldier on bravely.

via CrackBerry


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