Australian carrier claims Motorola X Phone will be a 'game changer'


While Google and Motorola Phone rumored X remains a mystery, is already making waves to impress Australian wireless operators.
Hugh Bradlow, CTO of the Australian company Telstra, is excited about the new smartphone.
Reportedly mobile Bradlow said senior staff of the firm that X is a telephone “real progress, a game-changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.”
Motorola said an anonymous source speaking to Smarthouse, “Google has been working on this device for a long time. Offers software features and capabilities that are not available on a smartphone Samsung Galaxy or Apple’s iPhone. The software is really powerful and pulls Google services, as well any other manufacturer has done in the past. “Specific details are still scarce on the phone as mentioned X, which seems to be official handset Codename thanks to a LinkedIn job.
X Specifications The phone is said to include a debut for Android OS 5.0 Key Lime Pie, along with a virtually bezel-less edge to edge 5-inch screen.
Rumors have also suggested a new Nexus-like user interface for X phone, which is said to bring new features to compete with Samsung S-Beam, Voice-S, and other user interface improvements.
With the Google I / O conference in May next, the event could make a proper introduction to the mysterious X phone. Motorola has been pretty quiet since its acquisition by Google in 2011, so TechRadar will keep an eye out for any changes in Google’s debut of the company.

via TechRadar


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