Twiize: Visual Call Enhancer App for Android Updated

Twiize: Visual Call Enhancer App for Android Updated

A visual enhancer Android app was introduced last December called Twiize. It’s the Valentine season of the year, and the application is giving an update to be ready for Valentine ‘. The application now includes features that have an interactive Valentine greeting. Users can send personalized messages using this app with loved ones in real time while still in conversation.

The application is released for Android phones, and this allows users to send pictures, share and draw sketches, Facebook timeline view of loved ones, even as they talked among themselves, and also send personalized notes. The update also brings another feature Twiize seals. Labels Twiize allows comments from users of Facebook messages and also has an option to leave open the Twiize for each call. Users can also leave open only for contacts Twiize.

Twiize features in Android includes receiving a birthday reminder, send birthday cards to your loved ones wishing them happy birthday even while talking on the phone. Users can browse the Internet allowed in Facebook activities, covering the photos full screen caller ID, along with states. Drawing and send doodles, etc. personalized notes can be fun with this new application. Photos can be shared with loved ones in the gallery or camera with this application. Users can receive birthday reminders or greetings to friends, even if they have Twiize on their phones.

There are more applications coming in this season GreetZAP Valentine is one of these applications released recently. Twiize application can be downloaded here.


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