Xperia Z’s camera burst mode captures 999 images in 68 seconds


Sony Xperia Z already has an impressive list of specifications and features. This is an Android smartphone powered by a 1.5GHz Snapdragon with Adreno 320 S4 Pro GPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and is both dust and water resistant.The cameras are also quite impressive, with a 13mp camera Exynos RS rear and 2.1MP Exmor R camera front. You are sure to get good quality video chats and capture still images, but the Xperia Z has an ace up its sleeve: Explosion mode.As the video above shows, the 13mp rear facing camera can be configured to quickly capture hundreds of images. It is advertised as being able to capture 10 frames per second at a resolution 9MP. But in the video, manages 999 images in 68 seconds, which is north of 14 frames per second.This feature will definitely give you a wide choice when it comes to selecting the best shot, but you have the option to capture some fast action in great detail for later playback. If Sony can easily enable this form in a 60-second video, I’m sure you would see a number of them appearing on YouTube if you’re caught worth sharing.Capturing images in many 9MP storage will fill very quickly, however. Therefore, it will not be a feature used repeatedly without dumping the images to a cloud store or PC hard drive.The Sony Xperia Z appears very soon, but we hope to be released sometime in March.


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