Lernstift: Vibrating Smartpen Catches Your Writing Errors


German company, Lernstift, has claimed to have developed a smartpen that will vibrate whenever an error is detected, whether it is an error in spelling or grammar. The company developed the pen intended for young children to help them learn to write without errors, but the product has the potential to capture the entire age group accepts pen is still in the prototype stage and has the ability collecting training errors of letters or real time graphs. The detection of an error will result in sending a warning vibration to the person’s hand holding the pen. The Daily Mail has reported that there are two options in the pen for users to choose how handwriting and spelling mode. The handwriting mode is responsible for alerting when errors occur or in readability. Ortho is responsible for grammar and spelling mistakes.Sensors built in pen Lernstift attending the pen in detecting variations in the ways of forming letters and vibrates as soon as any error is detected. The creators of the smart pen, Mandy and Falk Wolsky said on its website Lernstift who were inspired to create the product due to the attempts of the early writings of his son. With the help of quick requests that the smartpen provides, is expected to act as a virtual teacher that helps children in learning to write with more accuracy, speed and ease.


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