Aircel Free Calling Data Plan Offer


Aircel has recently come out with an attractive free calling plan with data usage, and initially posed a serious challenge to its competitors. Competitors, however, downplayed the threat and called it as a lure to attract business customers. The new system can affect dependent voice telecommunications service providers, such as Idea, Vodafone and Airtel.
Aircel’s rivals also said the plan submitted by the company is a measure for increased revenues and market share and in no way assures customers a lower calling rate. According to Aircel, the system is not a discount, and offers its customers a bonus. The company also made clear increase in revenues is its focus and that is just the profitability per second that can leave the data plan.The new plan presented by Aircel brings to its customers a lower rate per minute rate. The promotion is one among the largest freebees offered by the company. The plan is expected to exist at least for the next six months.
A competitor Aircel has indicated that the GSM network, which is used by most telecom companies in India is not strong enough to provide call data facilities. Competitors also noted the limitations that come with the new data without calling plan. Users have to spend around Rs. 10 for 10 minutes of free calls and use it before the next day in a single call. This means that the net cost and revenue per customer is just the same.


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