A third of all smart phones shipped at the end of last year are powered by Android


Google’s Android operating system dominates smartphones, despite losing market share to iOS with the release of the iPhone 5 last year: just over a third of all phones sold in the last three months of 2012 were driven by Android , according to statistics from analyst firm Canalys.
Google’s OS accounted for 34 percent of all mobile phones shipped, while 11 percent run iOS. Nearly half of all phones are smartphones with Android shipped constituting 69 percent of them.The gaps between the three main suppliers seem to be increasing, too. Samsung is still the biggest phone maker in the world, and has a “huge” ahead of Apple – it shipped 74 million phones but the Cupertino company. And Apple, in turn send more than 101 million Nokia third place.
Lenovo was the surprise of the last 12 months, growing 216 percent year over year and replacing Sony as the fifth largest phone maker. Jessica Kee, an analyst at Canalys, said in a statement that 98 percent of mobile phone business in China Lenovo.
While Apple launched the iPhone and the iPad in China recently, not making a big impact, according to the report. Canalys puts this to the fact that the Apple phone is not available in the largest network of China – which has 750 million customers – and the fact that it is relatively expensive compared to other phones.

via: TechRadar


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