Raspberry Pi's $25 camera add-on inches closer, may come next month


Last November, we got a sneak peak at the $25 camera add-on for the Raspberry Pi. Now, the team behind the camera has a few more details about the attachment that may be coming in a month.

According to official comments following the news, the add-on will come equipped with a five-megapixel sensor that’s similar to what you would find in a smartphone. The team is currently tuning the camera for optimal performance, which is “pretty good” at the moment, but they are working towards making it “bleedin’ marvelous.”RASPBERRY PI

A early prototype of the Raspi camera attached via CSI pin ribbon.

We also know that the camera will be able to capture 1080p video and it will have a built-in IR filter. Unfortunately, the camera won’t have any optical zoom functionality, but seeing as it is basically phone camera module, you could probably fit any number of filters or lenses in front of it just like you would with your iPhone PentaEye.

The Raspi camera team doesn’t yet have a firm date on when you’ll actually be able to buy some of these little beauties. They say it could be at least a month away or possibly more. We’re hopping it’s going to come sooner rather than later, so we can get to building our own ARGUS.

via: techhive


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