Nokia Lumia 620: power meets affordability on a next-gen platform


The Nokia Lumia 620 is the handset that shows that owning a smartphone filled with power, advanced software and loads of features to make day-to-day life simply more fun, doesn’t have to break the bank.

With the Lumia 620, you’re getting a phone that not only comes with a host of interchangeable covers to suit your mood (with eight uniquely layered colours in two different designs to help you stand out), but also innards that pack a punch: a dual core 1GHz processor, NFC built in and 5MP camera are perfectly suited to get the best out your day, every day.

The Lumia 620 also features a 3.8-inch ClearBlack LCD display, perfectly formed for easy use in one hand but also making internet browsing, watching videos or using your favourite apps a clear and fun experience.

Running Windows Phone 8 you know you’re getting one of the newest operating systems money can buy, and you won’t need to worry about obsolete technology as Microsoft is committed to keeping all devices on its Windows Phone software crammed with the latest features so you’ll always have a cutting edge smartphone.

Add to that Nokia’s nifty extras, and you can see the Lumia 620 will change the way you see your life – literally, in the case of City Lens, which allows you to hold up your phone and discover places you never thought existed on the phone screen, be it a new restaurant or a small boutique shop.

See a new world

In fact, the Nokia Lumia 620 goes further than showing you the best places – it can get you there with ease too. Using Nokia’s inbuilt Maps you’ll get to your next destination in no time with turn-by-turn directions for walking, public transport or driving.

Download the maps ahead of time and you’ll even save on data and battery usage, keeping your Lumia 620 going for even longer! Plus you won’t have to worry about data roaming charges when abroad either with the offline mapping capability, making the Lumia 620 an even cheaper smartphone experience.

As you’d expect given its rich heritage in the smartphone space, Nokia has delivered a cutting-edge camera at a fantastic price on the Lumia 620, offering such impressive features as Cinemagraph and Smart Shoot through the 5MP camera.

Take a picture of your friends and your phone will offer up a series of snaps; pick the best bits of each and seamlessly put them together to create the perfect photo. Or turn smiles into laughs by snapping a quick pic and choosing a section to animate before sharing it to Facebook, Twitter or loads of other social networks.

And if you want to have a more intimate conversation with the people that matter to you, the Lumia 620 packs a front facing camera that’s perfect for Skype calling your friends all over the globe – plus the app is built into the phone so you’ll never miss a call if you don’t have the app open!

Ready for whatever you want to do

Of course, there are always those moments when you actually have to get things done, and the Nokia Lumia 620 won’t let you down there either. Thanks to the enhanced software offered by Windows Phone 8 you’ve got a free and full suite of Office apps out of the box; combined with SkyDrive you’ll always be able to edit documents or check spreadsheets on the go.

And being based on Microsoft’s advanced platform means you’ll have no trouble connecting up to your PC to get all the content you want on your new smartphone.

When that’s done, why not kick back and enjoy free streamed music thanks to Nokia Music – with hundreds of tailored playlists or the chance to create your own based on your favourite artists, there’s no end to the tunes that rock out of your Lumia 620.

The Nokia Lumia 620: the ultimate tool to keep you rocking, discovering, snapping, editing, laughing and creating on the go without having to spend a fortune!


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