The lowdown on Ouya: is it your next games console?



The news that Amazon, Best Buy and Target will sell the Android-powered Ouya Jelly Bean console means this little box could be a big deal: promises a gaming experience unlike the Xbox and PlayStation.
So what is it and what does he want from us?The release date is March Ouya, but only for people who supported him in Kickstarter. The rest of us will have to wait until it is released in June, and you can pre-order now. It is unclear whether Ouya ship internationally then, or if we have to wait a little longer.As many interesting things these days, was announced Ouya Kickstarter: pledge of $ 950,000, its creators said, and what we do. Supporters promised a bit more than that, and the end result was a massive $ 8,596,474 for 63,416 people. Ouya Uhrman CEO Julie says pre-orders have exceeded 68,000.That’s for people in Americaland, of course, and works as about £ 60 plus VAT. The European price has not been announced yet, but will include a strong shipping fee.They are $ 49.99 each. Expensive, yes, but include touch panels, which obviously costs money to include. Touch drivers are officially a thing this year: apparently Sony is preparing PS Vita style touch controls for the PS4.The team hired award-winning designer Yves Behar Ouya and fuseproject company to design the device, and although it is very nice also has all the bits you’d expect: “quick buttons, laser triggers precise analog sticks, a D-Pad – and will have a touch panel for any game that make the journey from Mobile to TV or tablet. “Moreover, a horse’s ass is huge much better looking than Project ShieldOuya says it has redesigned its controller after getting feedback from testers and developers. The D-pad has been redesigned, the sticks have become more grip, and bit of the battery has been changed Ouya too.Inside is a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, a gigabyte of RAM, 8GB of flash storage and 4.0 of Android. There are HDMI up to 1080p high definition on your TV, USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectors, Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.The Ouya will launch the application and OnLive streaming game service, but potentially anything built for Android to run on it. The device is not locked or encrypted region, although initially only going to use English, but developers can choose not to support the individual bits of the world if they wish.That not mean that they will be free, but the pledge is that “there will be at least a free demo, or you’ll be able to play the full game for free, but can access additional elements, improvements, or other features that have a cost.” Ouya not tell developers what they charge, it will not pay for a dev team – each Ouya is a dev kit – and not charge fees.Many publication license or will, of course, but Ouya “built this badboy to play more creative content of the best known today AAA game designers and adored indie Rangers “. Square Enix Final Fantasy III says it will be a launch title, and 23 other games are confirmed so far. This list does not include the hundreds of games available through OnLive.Ouya designed with openness in mind: do not need any special tools to open, will not bother if you mod, and you can root without jeopardizing the security . Ouya provides a standard user interface and store cured, but if they do not like, the official word is “root the device and make it your own.”.



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