Nokia Eos ridiculous pureview promotes new camera


The Nokia Eos exists and sport ridiculous 41MP camera found in 808 PureView as new sources.
The news comes from The Guardian, who has spoken with sources close to claiming the Eos Nokia Nokia is preparing to launch in the U.S. this summer.Last month we heard rumors separate Nokia was working on a smartphone known as Eos intended for phone toting Lumia Windows 8 range, which makes the latter a bit more credible report.Nokia does not seem to be the only manufacturer developing powerful cameras on their smartphones, though, with reports suggesting that the HTC M7 sport a camera instead of using ultrapixels megapixels to produce a better quality picture.The source did not comment on the availability Eos outside the U.S., but we would be surprised if the supposedly flagship device was unable to reach other markets.We’ll keep our eyes open at MWC 2013 for Nokia devices sporting huge cameras, as the Finnish firm uses the event last year to launch the Pureview 808.

Via The Guardian


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