Olympus reveals super telephoto Micro Four Thirds lens


Olympus has announced new 75-300mm super telephoto to its PEN camera range and OM-D.
F/4.8-6.7 lens provides a focal length equivalent – in terms of 35 mm – 150-600mm, allowing the capture of subject distances.
Olympus has redesigned this lens to match the OM-D and the PEN series cameras, but like its predecessor, it still has leading technology, including the mechanism of MSC and the new advanced ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low optical reflection) of the lens.Also on board is Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) ED and HR (high refractive index) in order to reduce ghosting and flaring across the zoom range, even in the bright light that was promised.
A circular aperture is equipped to help achieve smooth background blur and uniform. The autofocus mechanism that promises to be very fast thanks to MSC (movie and still support) technology that is also near silence.
The ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 M.ZUIKO II target price is £ 499.99 – which the company claims is very competitive compared to previous lenses.
As Panasonic Micro Four Thirds shares the format, the lens is also compatible with the G-Series range of compact system cameras.


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