Acer's low-priced 8- and 10-inch tablets are in the works

Acer introduces two new low-cost tablets on the way, according to a report Tuesday from the China Times.
According to Chinese site (as translated by Google), president of Acer in Greater China, Linxian Lang, revealed plans to launch 8 – and 10-inch tablets at points “aggressive” price.Acer new budget slates follow the steps of the B1 Iconia, a 7-incher going for UK £ 99, although not available in the U.S.The new devices are reported to have quad-core processors that provide MediaTek increased speed dual core via MediaTek Iconia B1.Judging from the transcript of the original Google Translate China Times article, Acer’s new budget 8 – and 10-inch tablets apparently going to “rekindle the momentum tablet” of the company.Lang expects global shipments of tablets Acer to increase in 2013, in part, apparently, because of new low-priced tablets that will put another.Acer will probably not be the only company budget release tablets in 2013, although cheaper Nexus 7 has been rumored for some time, and safer to follow in the footsteps of Google and Acer.Especially if new Acer tablets budget are as successful as they seem to think they are going to be.


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