HTC One X Review


Many in the industry believe that HTC, which was once more liked among fans of Android, has fallen from grace. That the company has lost its way, its edge. I’m here to tell you that those people are wrong. I offer as evidence the new HTC One X.The X One, the flagship company of new Android smartphone, is the kind of phone that only leaves you breathless. Her body one piece of polycarbonate is unique in the Android world, and is as comfortable to wear as it is drop dead gorgeous. X 720 resolution touchscreen is as attractive and functional as it is expansive, measuring 4.7 inches diagonally.The X One of two marquee features, however, is likely to Android OS 4 with Sense UI phone 4 and powerful processor NVIDIA Tegra 3, which has four processing cores that can run at speeds up to 1.5GHz . The real impact of a quad-core processor may be negligible for most tasks, but you can not deny that the commercial appeal it offers is excellent.The only thing missing is the 4G connectivity as shiny new Tegra 3 processor support LTE lacked until recently.Besides LTE, the HTC one seems to be all that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google is and should have been. Keep reading.Since it is an Android 4.0 device, and was designed from the beginning as such, the HTC One X has only three touch-sensitive controls below the display. Users will find a back button, a start button and the task switcher button. Missing search button is in most Android smartphones old, and I’m happy to say goodbye from an array of three buttons is much easier to use without looking, as showed in LG Nitro HD for AT & T.Above the screen in front of the phone is the 1.3 megapixel secondary camera for video chat, which supports the main 8-megapixel camera with LED flash, which is in the back of the phone. A power button is on the top of the X One, which is hard to achieve – even with big hands. A 3.5mm headphone jack resides there as well, like the hidden tray mandatory micro-SIM card phone, which requires a paper clip or something similar for disposal. A micro-USB port for charging and data is at the left edge of the phone with the volume control sitting exactly opposite on the right edge.With a weight of only 134 g (4.7 oz) and a slim profile of 9.2 mm (0.36 in), the X One fits easily into a pocket. 134.5mm x 70.8mm Her (5.3in x 2.8 inches) in length and width can make it a bit difficult to handle for one-handed use for people with small hands, but no worse than Motorola DROID RAZR Popular and DROID RAZR MAXX smartphone which consider, despite offering users a much larger, higher resolution screen.Apart from the position of the power button and micro-USB port, I think the industrial design and build quality of HTC One X to be almost as good as it gets. It is a device worthy of love and lust.


There was a time when the HTC Sense user interface was the prom queen smartphone, adored by all. In recent years, however, this has changed as Sense has gotten heavier and more intrusive, and once hated TouchWiz Samsung systems as have won the favor through iterative improvements. Sense 4, HTC has begun to move in the direction of favored and refined as some of the most previous Sense versions has been removed, with the company even better in some of the gaps based on experience of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on user actions.For starters, Sense continues to offer some of its key features, such as shortcut icons on the lock screen and the ability to save multiple configurations of the main screen as “scenes” that can be quickly switched between. But after the loss of space in the bottom of the home screen for the large “phone” button you are used to seeing, having been replaced by 4 shortcuts user configurable.The multi-paned, tabbed view settings and shortcuts in the notification area has also been dropped in favor of a simple list. Vertical displacement of the main menu of HTC, which moves in increments of a page has been replaced by a paged menu scrolls horizontally that is similar to what Google offers as stock, but it comes with tabs for other points of view, such as “discharged” that makes it more practical to use. Moreover, the new HTC task switcher, with its application paged view, should be abandoned. It is cooler looking than Google’s stock switcher, but ultimately far less usable.The new sense onscreen keyboard is larger than before, due to the addition of dedicated keys. Still supported a tracking mode that emulates most of the features of Swype, but is merely a pretender to the throne in that sense. I still dislike the keyboard key mode number is on the right side, as it has been for a long time, but otherwise find the keyboard to quickly and accurately.Some of the things that Google missed the mark completely, such as management widget also been completely replaced by much more usable solutions HTC. And although we still see Sense interesting features like twitter and Facebook integration in the contacts application and a set of beautiful clock and weather widgets, the user interface as a whole now feels more like a benefit rather than a hindrance. There is still work to do, but at least Sense is moving in the right direction again.


As a key, without a vehicle device, the HTC One X has very little bloatware. HTC loading a number of its own applications, such as streaming HTC Watch application, but most users find X One mostly brand of Google Apps (Maps, Gmail, Google, etc). There are some exceptions, however, as the HTC Notes app, which is a slick front-end to Evernote that takes some of its inspiration from the HTC Flyer tablet. Polaris Office and PDF reader handle Office documents viewing and editing, and both are integrated with Dropbox (25GB for two years included) and supported by Microsoft Skydrive, which is really useful. If you still need more, then Google Play store (before the Android Market) offers hundreds of thousands of applications (and books, songs) that you can browse through.HTC has given a new fine X a browser which is very fast and smooth running – with one exception. The browser exhibited strange behavior for intelligent “double tap” zoom, zoom often as you want, just by chance to move to the wrong part of the screen. Other than that, however, the browser HTML5 and Flash-capable-worked very well. However, in my opinion, it would make it even better for control of the Beta of Google Chrome browser, which is just fantastic in most every way. Chrome still does not support Flash, however, but is expected to be the standard browser in future versions of Android.


The HTC one X can be used in GSM and 3G networks worldwide. I tried my European model in the AT & T, where I have yet ~ HSPA data rates – although not as fast (or stable) and I could have hoped. In strong signal areas I managed to achieve data rates of 1.5 Mbps and 3 Mbps bottom up. Reception on the phone seems to be somewhat weak or at least inconsistent, but call audio quality was nice and fresh. The phone also supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi data connections, and support for Bluetooth headsets and other features and USB for connection to a personal computer. As an access point can be used to share the connection with Wi-Fi capable devices, too, and support NFC in the X ~ can be used with features like Android Beam.I love the email client that includes the HTC X. One is very attractive and offers functionality as the end of the combined inbox, magnificent widgets home screen, and the ability to scroll through a date input tray with two fingers. Can be used with any mail server that supports IMAP, POP or Exchange – which is almost everything. The messaging application is also well done, offering a clean interface, and the ability to adjust the font size and configure the inbox to work as you want. The only instant messaging application is pre-installed Google Talk, but the X One comes loaded with Facebook and Twitter out of the box.Now, one of my favorite parts of the X One, the 8 megapixel camera. Not only the camera offers a really great user interface with quick access to settings and controls of all types (including the filters!), But it only takes great photos – with and without flash. And it very quickly. In fact, you can shoot a burst of pictures by simply holding down the shutter button on the screen.Besides that, you can record full-resolution 8-megapixel still images while recording a 1080p Full HD video at the touch of the shutter button. Both buttons are on the screen at once, so you never have to switch modes. It is a very useful tool to have. I also approve of fast and wide angle lens from HTC, which makes the camera much more practical for real-life situations.It doesn’t hurt that a decent video editor, with themed transitions, is pre-loaded on the phone, though I occasionally had problems with focus-hunting while recording videos outdoors. No other smartphone has been as much fun to use for photography as the HTC One X, though.HTC music player on the X One is very attractive and capable. It has an integration with the 7digital music store, service SoundHound music ID service TuneIn Radio for live streaming, terrestrial radio stations.The music application makes good use of the album cover, and well organized, but lacks support own music service based on the Google cloud, which is now part of the company’s properties Google Play. There is nothing to stop you from downloading and using Google applications in the music X, however, so that their bases are pretty much covered.One of HTC X comes equipped with a fairly large 1800mAh battery that is permanently embedded inside its body in one piece. There is no option to change the battery, such as the Nokia Lumia 800.HTC does not provide the talk time or continuous power for the X One time, but I found the phone to be a pretty solid performer in terms of actual use of the battery world. Get a total of 24 hours of battery is within easy reach, but still not get two full days of it unless you use it sparingly and increasingly have it configured with few applications background refresh.The HTC One X is easily my favorite phone on the market today. Even Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus pales in comparison. The hardware design sexy update 4 Sense UI and amazing camera equipment with impressive performance for the One X an unstoppable force of nature that simply must have in my hand.
I’m pretty sure that there will be quad-core Samsung-built Android devices with the same speed and performance of the camera in the near future, but I doubt that Samsung has the grapes to get an industrial design as bold as the HTC A X.


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