Richer Google Now notification system arriving in Chrome

Samsung's Chromebox runs Chrome OS.

Samsung’s Chromebox runs Chrome OS.

Google is always closer to the notifications in Google Chrome Now, marrying early warning system with the Android Browser.

Yesterday, the developers made ​​a patch with an “initial rollout of Google notifications Now”.

According to the code, the patch means that “The Hour event page Google Google Now get the cards from the server and display them as notifications of Chrome. The service performs the periodic update of Google maps now.”

The work to build Google Chrome now emerged in December. AlthoughAndroid Google’s most high-profile project of the operating system, Google Chrome OS would provide hours of being left behind in this important connecting people to the personalized services of Google.

The function takes the position of a computer makes a request to a server of Google in that position, then shows the resulting notification “papers.” That will give Chrome and Chrome OS Android ability to display custom alerts weather, upcoming appointments and travel, restaurants nearby, and so Google adds to its technology now

And today, another brick has been placed in position. Chrome watcher Francois Beaufort noted the arrival of a “notification center rich” in Windows. Chrome already able to view the notifications, allowing Web applications to issue warnings as incoming instant messages. but Google is reworking the code in a two-part system, a cross-platform and platform-specific element element.

Presumably the look “rich” will make it more suitable for notifications graphically elaborate Now Google maps, which can show things like weather symbols



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