Huawei UltraStick E3331, World's Smallest Data Card (CES 2013)


Besides the series of launches in the category of smartphones, Huawei has also introduced the world’s smallest data card E3331 UltraStick at CES 2013. Measuring 7 mm thick, 67.5 mm and 25.5 mm wide, with a white design, UltraStick E3331 modem card is the perfect data to go with any style light and portable laptop.
UltraStick E3331 supports download speeds of up to 21 Mbps in the PA + network, and also runs on the IPv6 network. Huawei E3331 own Hi-Link technology, allowing the network connection in just 15 seconds.
“A key trend that can be seen through mobile devices, laptops and digital cameras is even lighter and thinner designs,” said Yeh Wang Biao, Director of Huawei Data Card Products Group.
“Huawei is investing resources to develop advanced and innovative, but light and thin, mobile broadband products. We are excited to launch the UltraStick E3331 data card as we continue to convenience and great technology available to more people.”
UltraStick E3331 E369 is thinner and will be available in the Philippine market since February.
The product will be launched in other markets soon after. It is an easy to use device to facilitate easier mobile Internet experience through quality innovation.


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