HTC M7 rumored for release on march 8th


In 19 days, HTC will be holding simulations press events in New York City and London, presumably to unveil the HTC M7. Countless rumors and leaks have revealed HTC Sense 5, the physical design and internal specifications of the HTC M7, but we still don’t know when HTC plans to start selling the device or if it will be available in more than just black. Fortunately, one of our sources has shared some new details which enlighten the two previously mentioned topics.

According to our source, the HTC M7 will go on sale March 8th – only two and a half weeks after the HTC press event scheduled on February 19th. Unfortunately, the source is not able to share which  service providers will start selling the HTC M7 on March 8th, but we expect the phone will show up in the UK and Europe before U.S. service providers start stocking their store shelves with the HTC M7.

The March 8th launch date provided by our source aligns with previous reports from industry sources which claimed HTC was working to secure enough components to manufacture 4-5 million units on the M7  in the first quarter of 2013 and that HTC would start selling the M7 in Q1 of 2013 in order to have a 2-3 month sales advantage over Samsung’s next flagship device.

We’ve seen quite a few picture of a black HTC M7 in the past month, but will the phone be available in other colors? It most certainly will! Our source claims that the HTC M7 will be available in black and silver/white. Since the design of the M7 (if all the leaked images turn out to be real) doesn’t lend itself to a two-toned color scheme, we are going to assume that the silver/white color will translate into a silver casing along the back and sides of the M7 with a white glass bezel around the display.

Alternatively, there’s also the possibility that the HTC M7 could launch with an aluminum casing. The first few rounds of HTC M7 rumors incubated that the device would feature an aluminum uni-body casing similar to that of the HTC One S. That detail was later pushed aside when a different source of ours revealed that the Sprint-bound HTC M7 featured the same soft-touch casing as the Droid DNA. A silver/white aluminum clad HTC M7 could look like a cross between the white HTC Butterfly and the white HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Naturally, these new details about the HTC M7 are only hearsay until officially confirmed by HTC. If the HTC M7 is scheduled to launch on March 8th, we’re sure HTC will flaunt that detail at the February 19th press event. For now, it looks like the only missing piece left to uncover is the HTC M7′s real name.

Via HTC Source


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