Yes, LG will continue to make cheap plasma TVs

The 2012 PA6500 series (above) has similar specifications to the 2013 PH6500 series, one of two inexpensive LG plasmas.

LG’s 2013 plasma lineup is smaller than last year’s, but the company is still making the non-LCD TVs. In addition to the sole top-end plasma, the 60-inch 60PH6700, there will be a pair of step-down series that lack Smart TV and 3D. As usual pricing was not announced, but these are bound to be among the least expensive televisions in their respective classes.

One will encompass two sizes, the 50-inch 50PN6500 and the 60-inch 60PN6500. Its main features are 1080p resolution and a new “Hair Line” bezel, which we assume means a thinner frame around the screen. It looks like the direct descendant of the 2012 PA6500 series, an unimpressive example among budget plasmas.

The other also sports two sizes, the 42-inch 42PN4500 and the 50-inch 50PN4500, both with 720p resolution — and little else. Its 2012 predecessor, the 2012 PA4500 series, was likewise not among our favorite inexpensive TVs.



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