Wolfram Alpha’s Facebook analytics just got smarter

New organization tool allows users to organize their friends into groups and understand their network Facebook.

Are you a social connector or social insider?

Are you a social connector or social insider?

(Credit: Wolfram Alpha)

Those in search of a better understanding of their networks of Facebook are now advanced analysis by Wolfram Alpha.

The organization announced yesterday a wide range of Facebook updates analysis tool launched in August. This launch has allowed users to see daily activities of detachment and friend statistics, ranging from location to age groups. In the new update released yesterday, Wolfram Alpha has added a new feature of categorization that organizes a person’s friends, family and acquaintances into different groups:

  • Social Insider: a person with a lot of friends in common with you.
  • Social Outsider: A person with little or no mutual friends.
  • Gateway Social: A person with a lot of friends outside the network.
  • Next name: a person with few, if any, friends outside the network.
  • Social Connector: a person who is connected with other groups.

Apart from the new categories, Wolfram Alpha update includes a number of improvements to visualization, including the ability to easily see how many married people are in your network and who has the most number of friends in a particular college. Ultimately, Wolfram Alpha wants to use its computing capability to do much more light on the network’s Facebook, and promised further updates in the future.

To test the functionality of the data analysis of Facebook, users must type “Facebook relationship” in the search box Wolfram Alpha. After verifying your account, users can get information about the network delivered.


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