Now we’re talking: Amazon buys text-to-speech provider Ivona

The retailer uses Internet technology to Ivona text-to-speech voice guidance, and explore-by-touch tablet Kindle Fire.

Amazon has acquired text-to-speech software provider of technology Ivona for an undisclosed amount, expanding its internal capabilities, such as the Internet retailer continues to push its business tablet.

The two companies have collaborated in the past, Amazon has observed, with the technology of food Ivona text-to-speech voice guidance, and explore-by-touch tablet Kindle Fire.

In addition, Poland-based Ivona offers text-to-speech products and services to thousands of developers, businesses and consumers worldwide. It offers voice and language portfolio with 44 voices in 17 languages, and is developing further.

Amazon has expanded its business tablet to take on companies such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, and even Google, whose Android software he uses. Unlike some of its rivals, Amazon has kept the price of his commodity hardware in order to attract more buyers. While there is little, if any, money on its devices, which generate money on services and other ancillary products, such as the sale of digital books.

Speech recognition, meanwhile, has become a bigger in many devices. As CNET noted above, the voice assistant Siri as Apple, Samsung S Voice, shares of Google, TellMe and Microsoft are not new, but they are evolving into more traditional functions that can accelerate the results. Amazon expects Ivona likely to help challenge offered by other tablet makers, as well as possibly develop a smartphone.


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