The biggest thing in the universe is really, really big

A structure new found galaxy is so large that means one of our basic assumptions about the nature of the universe could be wrong.

The Milky Way galaxy barely takes up a single pixel in this representation of Huge-LQG.

(Credit: Roger G. Clowes)

You and I are very, very small. And we are even smaller than we thought we were last month, at least compared to the size of the largest element known in the universe.
Last week, a team of astronomers based in the UK found the largest object in our whole observable: a structure made ​​up of 73 quasars heavenly ie up to 4 billion light-years long.
How big is that exactly? Well, it would take tens of thousands of our own Milky Way – the large, galactic, not the one that comes in a wrapper – to match the size of Great-LQG (Toddler Quasar Group), as has become affection known.
Feel insignificant yet?
Yes, it does seem like something so inconceivably massive should have realized by now, and that is actually the most interesting part of the discovery.


The discovery of a large astronomical body releases as certainly one of the basic assumptions of the nature of the universe. This idea, known as the cosmological principle, it is assumed that the little corner of the universe that we can observe this particular rock is a reasonable sample of what the rest of the universe must also be.
But big-LQG be so huge that it represents a small percentage of the observable universe alone. It’s a bit like suddenly discovered a 51st state consisting entirely of a building the size of Texas.
So we are not only less than the smallest particle of our universe, which apparently does not know nearly as much about the universe as we thought.
(Via -Atlantic)


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